10 SQM Tiny Home - One Bedroom (Loft)

This one bedroom, 10 SQM Tiny Home is a beautiful cosy home with a practical and versatile open living space. The perfect addition to your property for an extra bedroom or rental/Airbnb.

With an easy caravan plug and lead, simply plug in your asset and you are ready to enjoy. There's plenty of power to be supplied for your needs with 5x power socket outlets and 6x LED energy-efficient lights to light up your space.

Built to be transported on our trailer (at an extra cost) for ease and future flexibility if you ever need to move it again. External flashings on the North and Southside for the option to add watertight covered deck/s.

We pride our homes in our finishings, you won't find any cheap cookie-cutter products here, everything we do is crafted with care by us for you.

One Bedroom, 10 SQM Tiny Home Includes:

4.7L x 2.4W x 4.2H
New Zealand wide delivery options


  • 8x adjustable piles (long term foundation)
  • Fully insulated with Ecowool (R2.5 walls and ceilings, underfloor R2.5 with a thermal break)


  • Electrical certification
  • Caravan plug
  • Extension lead
  • Internal switchboard
  • 6x LED lights (dimmers in bedroom and living)
  • 5x double power points with 2x USB
  • 2x exterior lights on north face
  • 1x exterior double light on the south face

Exterior details

  • Flashing for an optional added covered deck
  • Ironsand flashings + spouting
  • Cladding - Plywood with Macrocarpa battens
  • Titania roof

Interior details

  • NZ natural paint (custom colours)
  • Marmoleum eco flooring (custom colours)
  • NZ natural oil on all interior timber


  • Stairs with optional safety rail and storage (soft close)
  • Loft with optional safety screen
  • Double glazed window 

Living room 

  • Double glazed french door 
  • Seating, storage and pull out spare bed
  • Double glazed aluminium windows with Macrocarpa architraves
  • Single back door (choice of timber or glass)

Windows and doors

  • All windows and doors are aluminium & double-glazed 
  • All include Macrocarpa jambs and architraves 

Upgrade Extras 

  • Covered deck
  • Off-grid solar Kit
  • 10sqm Studio

Price indication : $75,000 (excluding trailer) 

Trailer : $15,500


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