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We are helping New Zealanders build their dream eco tiny homes and dream lifestyles.

The tiny home lifestyle is beautiful, comfortable, sustainable, eco-friendly and untethered from the national housing crisis. We believe that this is the way forward. A simple, low-energy mobile building can make you feel happy and fulfilled.

A Raglan Tiny House is a gateway to the affordable dream life you’re looking to create.

"We have a beautiful tiny home, designed to our individual needs with some very unique wooden features"

When we approached Raglan Tiny Homes in the first place we wanted a small cabin to sleep in or to accommodate guests, but didn’t have a clear idea. Talking to Chris we quickly realised that he would be able to create something quite special for us and with his experience he guided us through the design process. Now we have a beautiful tiny home, designed to our individual needs with some very unique wooden features. Chris is great to work with and has made the process very smooth from start to finish. He is a real craftsman at was he does, not just a builder, and his passion comes through in his work. If you are looking for a tiny home solution, look no further. We highly recommend working with Chris and his team.

Veronica & Hauke Pasch

Tiny Home Builders
Our Eco Tiny Homes For Sale

Raglan Tiny Homes offer an affordable range of tiny homes, and we’ll deliver anywhere in New Zealand.

 Our tiny homes are meticulously built to your specifications with eco-friendly materials and high-quality workmanship at an affordable price. We customise our designs to suit your requirements.

Raglan Tiny Homes Trailers

Why Build a Tiny Home?

We seem to have created a society where enough is never enough, where big has to be bigger, and where getting more stuff is the norm. This is not sustainable.
By going tiny, we want to take you on a lifestyle journey and help you redefine what you need to make a home.

Stripping back excess and deciding what really matters in your life ultimately leads to satisfaction. We can show you that living a de-cluttered home life can bring you breathing space, mental clarity and fulfilment while living in a high-quality, cosy, comfortable and beautiful home.
Raglan Tiny Homes offers an alternative home that you can own. 

​Our Mission

We want to make positive change in the world, for the environment and for your life.

Raglan Tiny Homes create small spaces designed for highly functional and minimalistic living.
We want to build you a home that enables a lifestyle of richness and fulfilment while giving back to our planet.

Chris and Eve from Raglan Tiny Homes

Raglan Tiny Homes - tiny home builders covering Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty

Tiny homes work well where there is limited space. In big cities with inflated housing markets a tiny home could be the solution, offering a small footprint without compromising on comfort.
A Raglan Tiny Home can be your entry point to the overinflated housing market in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga and anywhere in between. The cost of entry makes budgetary sense.
Our clients have used tiny homes in many ways such as: a family home, bach, getaway cabin, granny flat, Airbnb, music rooms, offices, studios and more.

Chris and Eve from Raglan Tiny Homes

The faces behind
Raglan Tiny Homes

Together Chris Morrison and Eve Macfarlane are a dynamic duo, with Chris’s crafty hands and Eve’s artistic eye they sure know how to build beautiful spaces. Through their personal experience of building and living in their own tiny house, they know the important components to make a tiny home sing for you.

Interested in building a Raglan Tiny Home?

Contact us to find out more or request a quote for your Raglan Tiny Home.

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