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Raglan Tiny Homes
- Tiny Home Building

Our spacious, minimalist spaces with clean lines will show you just how easy it is to live in a Raglan Tiny Home.

The ease of tiny home living encourages you to consider the way you live and how you affect the environment. This change can help you thrive knowing that your carbon footprint is smaller.

Licensed Building Practitioners

You can have confidence in our homes, built by Licensed Building Practitioners. 

We deliver New Zealand wide

Our homes are delivered to every corner of the country. From the top of the North to the southernmost tip of the South we ensure a seamless delivery experience for your Raglan Tiny Home. 

We protect what we have

Space is becoming a limited resource in New Zealand. We
believe in using it wisely.

Our country is famous for beautiful landscapes and rolling hills. We want to protect this for future generations. We need to get a bit more crafty with the way we use our precious landscapes. Raglan Tiny Homes offers a smart solution to protect the spaces we have while improving our quality of living.

At Raglan Tiny Homes we are passionate about caring for Mother Earth. So it makes sense to build with environmentally friendly, sustainable, reclaimed, local and natural products as much as we can. This way, our homes look after your health as well as the environment.

View our first Tiny Home from Living Big in a Tiny House

Building beautiful spaces with Chris and Eve

Together Chris Morrison and Eve Macfarlane are a dynamic duo, with Chris’s crafty hands and Eve’s artistic eye they sure know how to build beautiful spaces. Through their personal experience of building and living in their own tiny house, they know the important components to make a tiny home sing for you.

Where It All Began

"As a young couple locked out of the housing market, we decided to go against the grain and find an alternative. Designing and building ourselves a humble, 16 square metre tiny house sure did raise some eyebrows.

But after living in our tiny home for over 8 years now, we think we’ve cracked it. We live a better way of life, not only for our health but for the health of the environment too. Living in our tiny home has brought our attention towards our impact on our planet, it’s as though our home has taught us how we should live. 

It’s given us the answers of how to look after the world. It’s become so rewarding and we are chuffed to be able to show you what living tiny can offer.

It’s simple and it’s unfussy. The saying; “Less is more” really has become obvious to us. Our mental health has improved, we feel like we have de-cluttered and found a sense of freedom away from the materialistic society.

Our eyes have been opened to what really is important in our lives; our planet, connection, love, health, freedom and time. In the end, time is really all we have, why not make the most of it?"


Chris grew up on a farm in Hikutaia on the Hauraki Plains near Paeroa. His passion for building started early - most trees had their own personalised tree hut. He saved up for a welder at 12 years old, and the hands-on entrepreneur mindset saw Chris establish Four Leaf, a furniture and joinery business in Raglan, in 2015. When he’s not building tiny homes, Chris is surfing the Raglan breaks or getting busy outdoors. He has a natural sense for what’s right for our planet and through his progressive and futuristic ideas he’s pushing to change the world for the better.


Eve was raised on a farm in North Canterbury. She is a World Champion and three-time Olympic New Zealand rower. Chris and Eve love living the tiny home lifestyle and have been for over 8 years. Eve says it’s a fun lifestyle that brings her gratefulness with the ‘less is more’ concept. The closed-loop systems for the environment is also what she really enjoys about it. 
Nature and creativity is what Eve thrives on with surfing and art her as her outlets. She cares for the environment and is out to make change for our planet and inspire others within this field of Raglan Tiny Home living. 
Eve is also co-author of How We Got Happy stories of health, hope and happiness from 20 young Kiwis who beat depression.

Here’s to a future where we live in sync with our natural world, replacing take, take, take, with give, give, give.

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