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Current Tiny Houses for Sale NZ

​At Raglan Tiny Homes, we learn by living the tiny home lifestyle ourselves.

Tiny homes for a better future.

We have become crafty in making use of all the space available. Every detail of our tiny home designs are maximised to increase user-friendliness and space. We constantly innovate ways of creating unique storage options for all your bits and bobs. Many of the pieces of furniture within our tiny homes are multi-purpose — the couch folds into a bed; stairs hide storage spaces.

Tiny Houses For Sale NZ

Raglan Tiny Homes Designs

Our built-to-order and custom-designed tiny homes are made with usability front of mind.

Our passion and craft

We take pride in the lengths we go when building your tiny house, considering every, single, detail.

We design and craft everything from your kitchen to your architraves here in the Raglan Workshop with our talented Team.

The recipe of care, passion and an extra mile, is what we believe makes our homes so special, all for you to enjoy!

Think outside the box with
Raglan Tiny Homes designs

A Raglan Tiny Home can be used in some uniquely practical, creative and entrepreneurial ways.

Raglan tiny homes can be used for a range of ways including a Granny Flat

Granny Flat

Raglan tiny homes can be used for a range of ways including a Business


Raglan tiny homes can be used for a range of ways including an Office


Raglan tiny homes can be used for a range of ways including an Air BnB

Air BnB

Tiny Houses For Sale NZ

A tiny home can be used in unique practical, creative and entrepreneurial ways. It might be a family home, or a granny flat, an office, an airbnb, or a small business HQ. The possibilities are only limited by your creativity. All of these opportunities wrapped up in a portable and environmentally friendly guarantee. 

"Raglan Tiny Homes did an excellent job of taking our vision and turning it into a reality, professionally, creatively, on budget and on time."

 It was a pleasure to work with them and it was a real team effort with great communication back and forwards making all the tiny (and huge) decisions that need to be made. It was a seamless process of decisions on the spot, alongside careful consideration and wise words of advice from Chris and Eve who have experienced their product first hand. I am so delighted we chose them to make our dream house come true and cannot recommend them highly enough.

Francesca Dodd

All our tiny houses are designed for a harsh New Zealand climate and the Kiwi way of life, and we’ll deliver nationwide


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